Don’t Miss Out!

fireworksToday’s  post is starting a new tradition: I’ve launched a new website and made my blog one of the tabs on the site. This means my website and blog will be cosying up together instead of being in different worlds on the web.

I’m sorry to have to ask you to sign up again on the new site but there’s no other way for me to make the switch. Click here to see some great updates over there. Don’t forget to register your email so you’ll get notices from that site when I post new articles.

You can also join over 400 special followers who get my quarterly newsletter full of items no one else gets. That’s on the new site, too, at the side. Please hop on over there now and let me know how you like the new look.




3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out!

      • Brian, you should be able to click over to the new site and register your email for automatic notices when I post and also for my quarterly newsletter through MailChimp. Both are at the right, one under the other. Look for the little envelope beside the social media icons for post notices and under that a place for those not on my quarterly newsletter to register. You’re already on that. Hope that helps. Thanks for being such a loyal follower!


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