Creative People Are Curious. Are You?

You know them. You’ve seen them. And sometimes you’ve even been annoyed by them, those kids with their hands up the whole class, whether it’s in kindergarten, grade school, university or writing classes. They like to talk, to share ideas, sometimes to excess. And they often seem to have new ways of thinking or feeling […]

“Will you buy my book?” Avoiding the Sales Pitch Effect.

Sometimes my inner self just cringes at things I have to do. I try to think of all manner of excuses but in the end I must follow through for one reason or another. It’s a little like those days in school when my grade five teacher whom I adored would get me to erase the blackboards […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Author Readings

We authors always wonder about reading our work to our audiences. Should we do it? How important is our rendering of our words? Or even–will our listeners fall asleep? I’ve been to a lot of readings now and thought maybe some guidelines might help improve our performances, for performances they are. We get the chance […]