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15 Craig Pyette Points to Get Your Novel Accepted by an Editor

Have you ever wanted just to sit down with a senior editor and ask what it is they want? Do your eyes glaze over when yet another query letter is answered with “thanks, but no thanks’?

You’ve worked and worked at your submission, followed all the suggestions given to you and, while you wait for query replies, your non-nails are red and raw with worry.

Self-doubt is your closest companion, so much so that your spouse suggests there isn’t room for all three of you in the marriage bed.

Me, too.

And that’s why I went to a workshop given by Craig Pyette, a senior editor at Random House of Canada Limited, through The Writers’ Community of Durham Region.

I wanted to hear yet another person in the business explain just what is in the elusive pot at the end of the writing rainbow. And more importantly, how writers might reach it. Could I dip in for some goodies? Read the rest of this entry »


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31 Writing Subjects I’ve Found on Twitter

Twitter on my desktop and via Hootsuite on my iPad2.

“Twitter?  It’s a waste of time.  You’re crazy to even be on it, let alone find anything useful!”

So spoke my friend, who shall remain nameless for protection reasons.  Do you hear this sentiment at all?  What is your Twitter experience?  Mine is great, as I explain over and over in this recurring discussion with people of my generation; in fact, it’s so great that I started cutting and pasting useful articles, links and all, to a Word file.  There I reference the material when I need it.  Here are 31 categories of articles that I’ve collected and the file keeps growing.  Periodically I print out the latest pages because I do have a recurring fear of losing files on my computer.  I guess it’s the Read the rest of this entry »


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Jessica Aspen Details Her Writing Journey

One of the marvelous surprises about becoming an author is the people you meet along the way.  Jessica Aspen is one such wonderful surprise for me.  She has kindly agreed to post here today about her writing and her growth as a writer.  Thanks, Jessica!

Thanks for having me as your guest today Elaine. I enjoyed writing about my transformational journey to author. I’ll be looking forward to responding to comments. Leave a comment today on On Becoming a Wordsmith and tell me about it HERE to enter to win prizes in celebration of the upcoming release of Little Red Riding Wolf.

From Writer to Author, the journey of a year

When Elaine asked me to write about my journey to being an author, I had to stop and think: when did this journey begin. Was it when I first discovered as a tiny girl that these marvelous books had people who wrote them? That was when I first remember saying, “I want to be an author.” What about when I finished my first story in fifth grade and my Language Arts teacher told me I was very creative? Or was it when I took my first Read the rest of this entry »


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