Good News for Readers (and Writers)!

A few hours ago, in the middle of the night here in the Eastern Time Zone, my Goodreads giveaway ended. No, I did not stay up to watch the clock wind down to the last-minute but obviously a few people did. When I looked at the entrants sometime in the last couple of days, the […]

‘Tis the Season–for Marketing to Authors

Yes, folks, the Holiday season is over for another year but have you noticed what season is upon us now? Well, yes, Valentine’s Day is Sunday (note to self: don’t forget!) but I’m talking about another season. Many of you writers out there probably have done what I’ve done in order to learn more about […]

“Will you buy my book?” Avoiding the Sales Pitch Effect.

Sometimes my inner self just cringes at things I have to do. I try to think of all manner of excuses but in the end I must follow through for one reason or another. It’s a little like those days in school when my grade five teacher whom I adored would get me to erase the blackboards […]

In Praise of Libraries, Readers and Book Buyers

Last night I listened to a webinar for almost two hours, a feat that is pretty amazing for someone who has always loved her sleep and now needs it to start earlier in the evening rather than later. Gone are the days when my husband and I would stay up to watch Johnny Carson, get […]