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Self Portrait: Inside a Writer’s Mind

She was short, plump, with blonded hair, a few spots telling her age, and laugh lines, her ready smile.  Her eyes sparkled with every new idea and softened with love as she thought of her new granddaughter and expected grandson.  Whenever she mentioned “her” husband of 42 years marriage, her voice warmed and her smile widened.  On the surface she was a happy woman.

But underneath the loving-life persona lurked questions and doubt.  Was there not more to life?  She understood the lyric, “Is that all there is?” and continually looked for new fulfillment.  She swam, walked, biked for a healthy heart.  She read, read, and read some more for her mind.  Ideas excited her, especially those which came unbidden as she thought about what she was reading.  And then she Read the rest of this entry »


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Emerging Writer Carole-Ann Vance Speaks Out on Video

During an instructive and enjoyable weekend writing retreat last September, Carole-Ann Vance and I found a little free time to talk on camera about her writing.  She is beginning her writing journey and was excited about having just completed her novel’s first draft with the working title, Give Me Your Hands.

Interviewing writers always intrigues me because each one is so unique.  Carole-Ann talked about her love of books, so much a part of her that she walks around hugging the good ones sometimes.  Also her method of doing the actual writing amazed me as I’m such a computer lover and wouldn’t dream of writing any other way.

Carole-Ann finds herself living vicariously through her characters.  She talks about multiple possibilities through her writing which are not available to her in real life.  I enjoyed my time with Carole-Ann because of our shared love of writing but also since she showed her warm sense of humour throughout the interview. You can find the video by clicking this link or by finding Carole-Ann’s name under the Video section to the right of this page.

What did this interview touch on which really spoke to you in your own writing?  Consider leaving a comment on this page and both Carole-Ann and I will endeavour to reply.


Writer in the Making: Jennifer Filipowicz

Did you ever wonder what makes a person write?  Or how someone can write with a whole other life full to the brim?  Today’s video is about one such person:  Jennifer Filipowicz.  In a delightful private session while a number of us were at a weekend writing retreat, I talked with Jennifer about her background–her mother is a published author, her reasons for writing, and her hopes for the future.

Jennifer’s youthful vitality made our retreat a lot of fun, yet her honest answers to my questions showed her serious  side as well.  Watch the interview below. .

Why are so many people of all ages writing fiction and non-fiction these days?  Can you relate to Jennifer’s comments?  Consider leaving a comment about your own struggle to accomplish something near and dear to your heart.


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Dottie Flowers Sees a Murder

Sheila Gale, author of Dottie Flowers and the Skinner Gang, visited with me a few weeks ago.  Today’s video reflects our conversation.  Sheila tells of launching her new book and of her other writing credits which include business articles, adult short stories and stories in two anthologies in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

A former college professor, Sheila now writes part-time and sets her own schedule.  She spends winters in Hilton Head, the subject of an excellent magazine article in Interval International magazine.  Watch the video and hear about Sheila’s earliest writing (mis)adventure at age eleven.

Click here for Part 1  and here for Part 2.

If you are a writer, how did your own writing career start?  When did it start?  Do you enjoy hearing the personal stories of successful people?  Consider leaving a comment to share.


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Videos Are Here! Check Them Out.

One of the most exciting and most frustrating things about having a weblog is the new things I have to accomplish.  While the excitement never lets me stop conquering blogs, Flip cameras, smartphones, iPads, Xilisoft, Windows Movie Maker…. the list seems endless, my frustration level seems to be getting higher and higher.  Never mind, the end product is worth the pain.

Last Thursday night a good friend, Vicki Noels-Cornish, agreed to Read the rest of this entry »


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10 Technology Tips for Writers

Technology is a fast-moving train to hop onto these days as it stops almost everywhere.  For me as a writer, Marshall McLuhan was right.  The medium is the message.  And that’s why I was thinking about all the ways my techie gadgets help my writing; in fact, were it not for my computer, I might Read the rest of this entry »


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Podcast Beginnings: How to Reach Millions

Okay, you all know that YouTube is out there and 98% of the world is podcasting.   At the same time far too many e-mailers have sent along You-Tube videos of precious cats, cutie-pie kids or wacky brilliant dogs. My feelings exactly.

But. If 80% of people go on the Internet and Read the rest of this entry »


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