‘Tis the Season–for Marketing to Authors

Yes, folks, the Holiday season is over for another year but have you noticed what season is upon us now? Well, yes, Valentine’s Day is Sunday (note to self: don’t forget!) but I’m talking about another season. Many of you writers out there probably have done what I’ve done in order to learn more about […]

Self Portrait: Inside a Writer’s Mind

She was short, plump, with blonded hair, a few spots telling her age, and laugh lines, her ready smile. Her eyes sparkled with every new idea and softened with love as she thought of her new granddaughter and expected grandson. Whenever she mentioned “her” husband of 42 years marriage, her voice warmed and her smile widened. On the surface she was a happy woman.

Writer in the Making: Jennifer Filipowicz

Did you ever wonder what makes a person write? Or how someone can write with a whole other life full to the brim? Today’s video is about one such person: Jennifer Filipowicz. In a delightful private session while a number of us were at a weekend writing retreat, I talked with Jennifer about her background–her mother is a published author, her reasons for writing, and her hopes for the future.