Video Interview with Multi-talented Author Thomas Ryerson Part 2

This week in part two of my interview with Tom Ryerson our discussion centers on marketing our books, our blogs and webpages, a writer’s much-needed self-discipline, and font size, of all things! Last week Tom talked about his education in film making, his great-grandfather who survived the Titanic and whose life forms the nucleus of […]

We Had a Book Party!

IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE! My days are mostly spent in my office sitting at my computer, moving my projects along at what always seems more like the turtle’s pace rather than the hare’s. In fact, the more I’ve sat here over the past seven years, the more I’m even coming to look like […]

Help an Author: Be a Beta Reader

How does that pile of pages become a treasured book? Every author will tell you a different story, some sad, some happy, many somewhere in between. But all authors will tell you this: It takes a lot of hard work. And not just the author’s work. Cover designers, interior designers, specialists in e-book format, and of […]

The Importance of Going Back to the Beginning

In March of 2007, my son asked me the now-familiar question when I mentioned I wished I had written a novel: “If not now, when?” Of course he was right and as my husband and I drove to Hilton Head Island (two days), I thought about his words. By the time we reached our destination