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The Loyalist Trilogy Newsletter Has Broken Out!

Newletter Header

Newsletter Header

Have you ever wondered just how you are going to get yet another writing/marketing idea to come to fruition? I mean you already cram your writing bits into two-hour sessions where the world goes dark (you hope!) and you immerse yourself in the lives of those other family members, the ones in your writing.

And those hours are precious, hard to find, hard to hold tight, and put upon by all sorts of things, not the least of which is yourself playing hooky.

Yes, you just need another idea for connecting with your readers about your fictional world, don’t you?

And then along comes the suggestion that authors need to have an email list of their followers. You know, those who have bought your books and are clamoring for more. An email list? I already have a huge list on my Outlook.

Bit by bit the idea sinks in to my crowded brain that this list is something different. I start asking for email addresses from those who buy my books, from my reader friends, my ever-supportive family, the lady who recognized me as the writer on that TV show. These people love historical fiction. Gradually I collect these bits of paper until the pile starts demanding notice.

I research mail-out programs and decide on MailChimp. Just the name makes me wonder if this is really a serious venture but it is and I enter the names, decide on a newsletter format, and work my way through setting up all the details both of the newsletter and of actually working the program.

I take lots of breaks. Some a couple of weeks. Rome wasn’t…well, you know. Then one day, I have 205 names and the newsletter is done and I can’t dilly dally any longer. I push send.

Then I check my husband’s computer to see if it really worked. He didn’t know he was on the list till then. All the other names were people who had opted to be there. My husband just got lucky, I guess, as I needed a test name. He gets the newsletter! And it works. And I can see a few improvements to make next time but I am pretty happy.

You can get this 3-4 times a year update, too.

Sign up for my email list to receive my quarterly newsletter, the next issue of which will be February!


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Fruitful Hours of Blog Trolling

Do you have trouble checking out all the links, email post announcements and Twitter suggestions which you get in a day or a week?

I certainly do.

And just now, I’m having more trouble than usual what with all the posts I’m creating for my book launch, the reading of proofs for The Loyalist’s Wife, and a zillion other must-do items which are all converging in my brain. That being said I have some great links for my readers today.

Lorrie Porter’s blog post, which I finally got around to reading (having been on a 3-day holiday), is a trove of writing-related blog addresses and blog awards which she has received. She chose to answer them all together to the benefit of all of us who enjoy seeing other writers’ links.

Note: When you start clicking on the links you’ll lose Lorrie’s site as she has forgotten to have each one open in a new page. Not to worry. Just use the back button on your browser to go back to Lorrie’s list.

very inspiring blogger award

Lorrie mentioned my blog here and invited all of us whom she mentioned to pick an award or all of them and participate.

Here, then, are my responses to the Very Inspirational Blogger Award, the name of which sets pretty well in my brain and I’ll refer to it over and over, particularly on those days when I myself need inspiration.

Favourite colour: Blue. Royal blue to be specific.

Favourite animal: The human animal who married me

Favourite number: The ones with dollar signs in front of them on cheques. Just kidding.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: My own version of hot chocolate: 1/2 tsp. Quik in a mug of steaming skim milk.

Favourite alcoholic drink: Crown Royal, Diet Coke and 2 slices of lime

Facebook or Twitter: LinkedIn writing groups although I do think there are a lot of amazing writing gurus on Twitter. That’s where I found a lot of wonderful web wizards.

My passions: My family, my writing, my jewelry making

Giving or receiving gifts: Giving, although receiving is pretty intoxicating at times, too

Favourite city: Quebec City dans la belle province au Canada

Favourite TV shows: West Wing, anything which is historical and well done, such as Downton Abbey.

Here are some blogs which I follow at the moment:

The Maiden’s Court

Peeking Between the Pages

Let Them Read Books

Passages to the Past

Live Write Thrive

Oh, for the Hook of a Book!

This Craft Called Writing

Market Your Book by Jan Bear

I do tend to change sites I follow based upon what I need to learn about the book business at any given moment.

Consider leaving a comment with favorite sites you’ve found. I do love the sharing aspects of the web, don’t you?

Download your free copy of 10 Ways to Improve Your Writing from the link in the side column!

Coming Soon!

The Loyalist’s Wife by Elaine Cougler


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3 Things For Which I, as a Writer, am Thankful

Thanksgiving in Canada

On this lovely November day when our Canadian Thanksgiving is long past for this year, I pause to think of all the notices I’ve received about the American Thanksgiving. And I am thankful for my writer’s life.

While there are many aspects of writing which I love  (and a few I don’t!), here are three jewels in my writing life.

  1. First and foremost, the absolute JOY of feeling  wondrous words tumbling off the ends of my fingers and forming themselves into settings and scenes, into people and problems, and into worlds until now undiscovered. Sometimes I feel like an explorer paddling up the French River in this wonderful ‘new world’ here in Canada. And I see the curve in the distance and wonder what I will find there.
  2. Second, the Internet world which, as much as those early rivers and oceans, teems with not fish but writers, and readers, and writers, and editors, and writers, and agents, and more writers. And I have learned so much from all of these people: LinkedIn writing-oriented groups, Twitter similar groups and followers, Facebook folk, and even a few Google+ hardy writing souls.
  3. Third, my writing friends, most of whom, I know in person. Conferences, workshops, and chance happenings have all contributed to my lovely list of like-minded writing friends. I treasure them all, for what they teach me, for their varied views across the conference table, and for knowing that these other amazing, intuitive, struggling writers really understand my frustrations. And my joys.

And so I am thankful for the American Thanksgiving added to my Canadian one. In so doing it gives me twice the time to contemplate my life.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Note To Self: Remember to put titles on my posts before publishing them as they just don’t work so well without. Last week’s guest post with the amazing Barbara Kyle went out first without my title. Dah! If you missed it, here is the link.

Consider leaving a comment on writing, on living in a country other than the United States, or on anything prompted by this post.


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