Video Interview with Multi-talented Author Thomas Ryerson Part 2

This week in part two of my interview with Tom Ryerson our discussion centers on marketing our books, our blogs and webpages, a writer’s much-needed self-discipline, and font size, of all things! Last week Tom talked about his education in film making, his great-grandfather who survived the Titanic and whose life forms the nucleus of […]

Video Interview with Multi-talented Author Thomas Ryerson

One very exciting and extremely rewarding part of being a writer is getting to speak with others who are following the same road as I. Last week I sat down with Canadian author, Thomas Ryerson, for a conversation about writing and some of the ups and downs writers experience.

1 Amazing Technique for Speakers

Early in May my husband and I tripped out to Victoria, B.C. so that he could attend a conference with our daughter and I could add quality granddaughter time to my writing day. And we both loved the change of pace. I worked on the opening chapter of a new book in preparation for a Barbara Kyle course back in Toronto but Ron–he and our daughter learned something completely new and exciting.

Graphic Facilitation

Are Books Really Obsolete?

And then I thought of the years of joy I’ve had with my books. In my previous home I had a lovely library which I filled with fifteen hundred books, each a treasure. They lined up like soldiers on the shelf, a testament to my love of words and to the power of words. And even today with my reduced number, taking them off the shelf and rearranging them by author is a particular pleasure. I love to hug them like special friends.