Patchwork Stories Make a Life

A writing friend of mine wrote a lovely blog about how her family connections were often wrought through handcrafts full of painful yet loving stitches. Then Gwen Tuinman linked those moments to her writing. Beautiful, I thought, and wrote a comment. From that exchange between friends comes the idea for this post. How fitting to […]

10 Things I’d Like Authors to Give Me as a Reader

Since the times I remember sneaking off to read my mother’s books instead of doing the vacuuming, I’ve had a love affair with words on a page and the secret stories they tell. Here are some of the things that keep me coming back over and over to the second love of my life–reading. Characters […]

Play the Writer’s Long Game for Success

Writers have to be prepared to think in terms of the long game. First of all there’s the decision of actually becoming a writer and that’s often a hard one. Toughest for me was deciding long after I’d been writing my first novel for months that I really could be called a writer.  An author? […]

‘Tis the Season–for Marketing to Authors

Yes, folks, the Holiday season is over for another year but have you noticed what season is upon us now? Well, yes, Valentine’s Day is Sunday (note to self: don’t forget!) but I’m talking about another season. Many of you writers out there probably have done what I’ve done in order to learn more about […]