3 Exciting Things in This Writer’s Life

This week has been a mixture of delight and challenge. Traveling when I have work to do is always difficult and when my granddaughter figures in the mix staying on track is even harder. Still, pleasing and/or amazing things have happened. Here are three: I got a lovely email from my book loving friend, literary […]

Carolinian Forest, Reins, and Cicadas: Great Proof Readers.

Of course all writers know you have to get other eyes on your work. We hear that over and over. But what are some of the reasons for this well-worn piece of advice?

We writers don’t necessarily know everything. A surprising thing, I know, but I’ve learned the truth of it first hand

Life as a Published Author

Have you ever dreamed of achieving a seemingly unreachable goal? Of course you have! Hundreds of them. You learned to smile, to walk, to wink, to sing, to bike, and to reach for the distant stars in so many ways. But was it easy? Not always. And neither has my trip to publishing been easy.

3 Things For Which I, as a Writer, am Thankful

On this lovely November day when our Canadian Thanksgiving is long past for this year, I pause to think of all the notices I’ve received about the American Thanksgiving. And I am thankful for my writer’s life.

While there are many aspects of writing which I love (and a few I don’t!), here are three jewels