Today I’m Versatile!

Thanks to my writing friend, emerging author Sally Moore, for including me on her list of 15 bloggers she watches. The Versatile Blogger Award means people are paying attention and that’s great. I’ve been blogging for a lot of years now including the years as Beadergirl. More on that below. I love connecting with people […]

2012 in Review: It’s Been a Pretty Eventful Year

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for me and it gave me the idea to do a bit of a retrospecitive. First, here is the stats report for my writing blog. I was surprised to see which post was the most popular–the one about

Free Offer: I’ve Done It!

The long-promised offer of a collection of my posts about writing is finally ready! Unlike the esteemed Brinda Berry, techie extraordinaire, I had to get some help to figure out exactly how to do this download so that readers could easily click and download. My computer guru son helped me so that now I can help you.

Today I’m at Writania!

One of the delicious things about being involved with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and various author web sites is the people you meet. I first noticed the multi-talented Rita Kuehn in various LinkedIn author groups. We commented back and forth and built a relationship. Please join me today on her site, Writania, where […]

7 Ways for Writers to Use the Internet to Boost Profiles and Sales

Are you a writer who just wants to write and let someone else do the marketing?

Is your favorite writing day made of up of hours sitting at the computer oblivious to the rest of the world while your characters shock and amaze you and scenes just appear on the screen? There is a certain freedom in doing this, for sure, but somewhere along the line you’ll probably want to share your writing with the world.

Writers Have To Be Like Frankenstein’s Monster–Made Up of a Million Parts

Sometimes you just can’t get your writing done.

You know what to do. You’re just out of time what with your regular 9 to 5, your kid’s homework that needs your help, and someone has to cook if the family is going to eat.

You feel like you’re being pulled by your ‘to-do’ list which hasn’t been, ah, done in 22 days, or you’ve missed the deadline for yet another short story contest. Or the few minutes you do have, you spend at your desk stressed to the max playing computer games, all the while thinking back to when you first started creating.