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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Some days the rabbit gets you and some days you have rabbit stew.  It’s like that in writing.

I don’t usually experience the blank page syndrome, but I do struggle to develop characters who can take me (and readers) through the whole story.  Filling out that character sheet is a fabulous help.  We’re told to work with these characters, fleshing them out so well that we absolutely know what they’ll do in any given situation.  Through workshops and writing books, as well as my own observations over years of reading great authors, I know this character stuff is essential.  If the reader doesn’t care about the character, she’ll put the book down.

Coming up with a great character to star in book three of my historical trilogy has been tough.  I sort of knew the time period, the  general setting, and even the extended family.  But, I didn’t have a main character.  Until Sunday.

Sunshine filled Ontario’s blue skies that day so that we just had to drive out and meet it.  Where could we go?  First, the sugar bush beckoned and we came away with Read the rest of this entry »


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A Tip About a Revealing Book: Mrs. Simcoe’s Diary

Today’s post is a revisit to a marvelous book I found while researching, Mrs. Simcoe’s Diary.  If you want to learn about North America two hundred and some years ago, check this out.  I was astounded and thought I’d resurrect this post from another blog I run.  Enjoy!

Mrs. Simcoe’s Diary Day

For the last week of my holiday and up till today, I have been reading very early Canadian history. During that time I met Mrs. Simcoe. She was the wife of Governor Simcoe of Upper Canada whose time in this province (present-day Ontario) has left so many marks. (I grew up a mile north of the Governor’s Road, built by and named for Governor John Graves Simcoe.
Amazingly his wife came with him to this untamed country and Read the rest of this entry »


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