Caught in the Crossfire: Ordinary People

Yesterday the news was full of yet another shooting of innocent people, this time in San Bernardino, California. The reports are somewhat conflicting but what we do know is that fourteen people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time–at a holiday celebration!–are now dead and a good number more are […]

Lip-Syncing, Shyness and Publishing That Book

I’ve just watched a movie clip of my grandson lip-syncing and doing the living room dance to a song from Frozen, “Let it Go.” In the background I could see and hear the movie on TV and in the foreground our six-year-old gave it everything he had. He even ended up on the floor in […]

My Fingers Have a Mind of Their Own. Do Yours?

I used to hate it. Over and over I heard the same phrases. In fact, I heard those words so many times I began to think they were part of an author conspiracy that was as far-reaching as it was annoying. “I got to a point in writing the story where the door was opening […]

History, Fiction, and Where the Two Meet

 NOTE: Last fall for the launch of The Loyalist’s Luck I guest posted on a number of sites through the Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour. Today’s post is an updated version of one of those posts. Suddenly voices sounded ahead of him and he clenched his weapon. Not fifty feet away a tall red-jacketed officer […]

I Love My Computer, But What’s It Doing to Our Personal Histories?

This week I had one of my very good friends and my favorite pre-reader for my novels  pose a question in one of her emails to me. She talked about the treasures from her rich rural Quebec past, both physical and storied, which are in danger of being lost to younger generations. She said, “first, […]

I Met My Writing Heroes!

This past weekend was the Historical Novel Society Conference in Denver, Colorado and I was there. My fellow writers and I arrived Thursday evening in the mile-high city and that was the last I saw of the outdoors until Sunday night when we left the hotel for a dinner out. The interim was filled with […]

Thomas Ingersoll, Greeter at Ingersoll Public Library, and Me

Last night I just felt so supported! No, I’m not talking about my–ahem–clothing. I’m talking about my overwhelming pleasure at the support I receive from readers. When I got to Ingersoll Public Library for my author talk last night, I wasn’t sure how many to expect. This is not my community even though long ago […]