Research, Writing and Reality

Eight years ago when I started writing seriously, three hours in my morning were dedicated to working on my first book. Then I carried on with the rest of my day, puttering, reading for pleasure, gallivanting with my husband, riding my bicycle, hitting the gym and the coffee shop afterwards with my friends, and just […]

An Invitation From John And Lucinda

John, why did you choose to fight for the British anyhow?

Ah, you would ask that. Let’s just say there are things in my past that affect what I do today.

Or let’s say you have your reasons and I, as your wife, must abide by your decisions, no matter what it costs me as well as you. You’re lucky I’m so obedient.

7 Sites Re Historical Fiction

A writing friend of mine pointed out a couple of days ago that historical fiction is not a genre and that got me thinking. Just what is this category of books I’ve spent most of my life loving to read? My own definition goes like this: historical fiction books are about actual historical events and people brought to life through fictional characters and events set against the backdrop of history. Some of my favorite historical writers over the years have found their way into my posts before today.