Lip-Syncing, Shyness and Publishing That Book

I’ve just watched a movie clip of my grandson lip-syncing and doing the living room dance to a song from Frozen, “Let it Go.” In the background I could see and hear the movie on TV and in the foreground our six-year-old gave it everything he had. He even ended up on the floor in […]

History, Fiction, and Where the Two Meet

 NOTE: Last fall for the launch of The Loyalist’s Luck I guest posted on a number of sites through the Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour. Today’s post is an updated version of one of those posts. Suddenly voices sounded ahead of him and he clenched his weapon. Not fifty feet away a tall red-jacketed officer […]

7 Winning Ways to Get Your Writing and Book Marketing Done

Today I’m looking at winter pictures to keep cool as the temperature is way up there and with the humidity feels even higher. Note to travelers: if you plan on visiting southern Ontario, come in spring or fall, unless you love heat. Just looking at the ice covering these trees cools me down, though, and […]

I Met My Writing Heroes! #2

Have you ever had such a good conference you just couldn’t contain it in one blog post? Today is the continuation and final part of the wonderful Historical Novel Society Conference in Denver, CO. Already my life has filled in with writing, blogging, marketing books one and two and enjoying the small part of my […]