10 Ways To Get Publicity

There are thousands of ways to get publicity but, unlike some, I don’t believe any publicity is good. You won’t be seeing me scantily clad at a football game or posting naughty movies on You-Tube. This is positive media attention we’re looking for, folks!

Writer in the Making: Jennifer Filipowicz

Did you ever wonder what makes a person write? Or how someone can write with a whole other life full to the brim? Today’s video is about one such person: Jennifer Filipowicz. In a delightful private session while a number of us were at a weekend writing retreat, I talked with Jennifer about her background–her mother is a published author, her reasons for writing, and her hopes for the future.

May I Speak to Your Manager, Please?

Harold Haynes, author of May I Speak to Your Manager, Please, is my video guest this month. His book is in the final editing stages but we get a sneak peak at it in this video. Harold wants to help people balance the power between themselves and the businesses they deal with.

10 Technology Tips for Writers

Technology is a fast-moving train to hop onto these days as it stops almost everywhere. For me as a writer, Marshall McLuhan was right. The medium is the message. And that’s why I was thinking about all the ways my techie gadgets help my writing; in fact, were it not for my computer, I might not be writing at all.

The Book Broads in Vancouver

Only two thirds of the Book Broads were in place and punching out book publishing ideas at my eWomen Network writing conference last month.  But they were enough.  Loaded with information delivered with panache, Angela Crocker and Peggy Richardson kicked butt. They talked about a lot of things in the publishing world, easily passing the […]