Three Fabulous Happenings For This Writer

Today’s post is about three great events this week that show how much fun being a writer can be. Last Saturday morning as I lay in bed checking my iPad I got an email announcing that a questionnaire I had filled in had been turned into an article by a marketer. There was the link […]

7 Useful Tips for Authors to Help Their Readers

You’ve written your book and have lots of sales but somehow you’re not sure you’ve done everything you could have to make that book fantastic. Here are some suggestions that might have readers telling their friends about your book, buying gift copies for the birthdays of all their relatives, whether readers or not, or simply rushing to purchase your next book for themselves.

Video Interview with Multi-talented Author Thomas Ryerson Part 2

This week in part two of my interview with Tom Ryerson our discussion centers on marketing our books, our blogs and webpages, a writer’s much-needed self-discipline, and font size, of all things! Last week Tom talked about his education in film making, his great-grandfather who survived the Titanic and whose life forms the nucleus of […]