Writers Have To Be Like Frankenstein’s Monster–Made Up of a Million Parts

Sometimes you just can’t get your writing done.

You know what to do. You’re just out of time what with your regular 9 to 5, your kid’s homework that needs your help, and someone has to cook if the family is going to eat.

You feel like you’re being pulled by your ‘to-do’ list which hasn’t been, ah, done in 22 days, or you’ve missed the deadline for yet another short story contest. Or the few minutes you do have, you spend at your desk stressed to the max playing computer games, all the while thinking back to when you first started creating.

10 Ways To Get Publicity

There are thousands of ways to get publicity but, unlike some, I don’t believe any publicity is good. You won’t be seeing me scantily clad at a football game or posting naughty movies on You-Tube. This is positive media attention we’re looking for, folks!