Creative People Are Curious. Are You?

You know them. You’ve seen them. And sometimes you’ve even been annoyed by them, those kids with their hands up the whole class, whether it’s in kindergarten, grade school, university or writing classes. They like to talk, to share ideas, sometimes to excess. And they often seem to have new ways of thinking or feeling […]

I Met My Writing Heroes!

This past weekend was the Historical Novel Society Conference in Denver, Colorado and I was there. My fellow writers and I arrived Thursday evening in the mile-high city and that was the last I saw of the outdoors until Sunday night when we left the hotel for a dinner out. The interim was filled with […]

Video Interview with Multi-talented Author Thomas Ryerson Part 2

This week in part two of my interview with Tom Ryerson our discussion centers on marketing our books, our blogs and webpages, a writer’s much-needed self-discipline, and font size, of all things! Last week Tom talked about his education in film making, his great-grandfather who survived the Titanic and whose life forms the nucleus of […]

Video Interview with Multi-talented Author Thomas Ryerson

One very exciting and extremely rewarding part of being a writer is getting to speak with others who are following the same road as I. Last week I sat down with Canadian author, Thomas Ryerson, for a conversation about writing and some of the ups and downs writers experience.

Dare to Dance With Giants

Have you ever felt absolutely dwarfed by the size of the tasks before you? Kind of like I felt on a trip down the Pacific Coast through Washington, Oregon and further? Those trees put me in my place, for sure. They owned the space. When I looked at the pictures afterwards I really saw the comparison. I look like an absolute bug! Much as I loved seeing and touching those giants, I still had a sense of my own value.

How My Workspace Fuels My Fires: 12 Points, With Pictures

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot Every morning I put my glass of water on a stone coaster imprinted with Eliot’s quote. This coaster has been a talisman for me for over eight years and each time I read it, I’m refreshed and ready to push on with my writing.