Reading, Writing and Reading Again!

I’ve always been a reader. Have you? From the time I let the vacuum run and run while I read one of my mother’s books from the shelf in the upstairs bedroom, books have fascinated me. The covers–usually glossy papers rife with colour–and the weighty textured inside paper full of words wild and wonderful took […]

My Fingers Have a Mind of Their Own. Do Yours?

I used to hate it. Over and over I heard the same phrases. In fact, I heard those words so many times I began to think they were part of an author conspiracy that was as far-reaching as it was annoying. “I got to a point in writing the story where the door was opening […]

History, Fiction, and Where the Two Meet

┬áNOTE: Last fall for the launch of The Loyalist’s Luck I guest posted on a number of sites through the Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tour. Today’s post is an updated version of one of those posts. Suddenly voices sounded ahead of him and he clenched his weapon. Not fifty feet away a tall red-jacketed officer […]

What is the Backstory When a Writer Publishes?

The Author’s Voice–Time for Some History With Elaine Cougler is the title of Dale Long’s post today on Inkstroke’s Blog. Dale is a happy, funny, loving life kind of guy whom I met almost two years ago at a writing conference. He mentions that in this post where you’ll find out how long it took […]