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What Is Your ‘Darkest Corner of the World’?

Have you ever wondered if your book will ever get published? If there is any point in continuing? Or if all the hard work is going to be worth the long journey around the learning curve?

Urve Tamberg is my guest today and she knows all about that curve. Now I don’t want to say she has made it around the bend because of the possible negative connotations, but she has walked the walk to get her family’s story out. Indeed, it is the story of a whole country, small though Estonia is, that Urve brings to light in The Darkest Corner of the World. I am proud to welcome Urve today for her story, her magnetic personality, and her example to writers everywhere that the goal is worth the work. Please consider leaving comments for both Urve and myself and by all means check out The Darkest Corner of the World.

Elaine Cougler:  Urve, you’re from Toronto, Ontario but your parents immigrated here from Estonia. First of all, where is Estonia and when did they leave? Finally, how does that all tie into The Darkest Corner of the World?

Urve Tamberg:  Winston Churchill said that “history is written by the victors.” For most of the twentieth century, the Soviet Union was the “winner.” They illegally Read the rest of this entry »


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