Inside the Writer’s Mind

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be on a local television program here in the heart of Ontario where I live.I enjoyed the experience but watched the result with the critical eye of someone watching herself, always an uncomfortable position. For those writers who may be in a similar situation, the main take-away from my point of view is dress for television. I am chagrined that I didn’t, even though I know better.

Here, then, is the result. View it knowing my caveat, okay? Hopefully others can learn from my mistake.

Interview of Elaine Cougler on Rogers TV, September, 2013.

video Rogers Set 2013

The interviewer who came to film me was good at just letting me talk. He asked a number of questions which the viewer doesn’t hear and then edited them out so that the clip is totally of me talking about writing and The Loyalist’s Wife. I liked that technique because it allowed me to get into my own thoughts and experiences about writing and just run with them. The downside is the chagrin I feel when I hear the sentence errors which come about when one talks in that sort of rambling and thought-provoking way. Still the experience was great fun and I thank my local Rogers TV group for doing it.

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5 thoughts on “Inside the Writer’s Mind

  1. Elaine. you did a great job. As you said, you are too self-critical, somewhat like when I am playing somewhere and all of a sudden there is a big smile right out of the blue. I heard it but am likely the only or close to the only one.


    • Having just come back from hearing you play last week on that massive grand piano, I am quite ready to forgive the oh-so-very-rare finger doing its own thing.We all must learn to accept ourselves for who we are and not expect perfection in everything we do. Hard to believe I’m saying that but whenever you put yourself out there in the public eye you know you will find people whose tastes or opinions differ from yours. It goes with the territory.
      Reminds me of the lovely octogenarian last week who told me he found a little too much description in my writing. I was amazed as Hemingway’s spare and to-the-point style has always provided the star to guide me. Until his lovely wife smiled and said, “Of course, he only reads thrillers!” I guess he liked my talk at the historical society meeting and thought he’d give historical fiction a try even though the two genres are quite different.


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