The Loyalist’s Luck is on Tour!

Come join me for the next two weeks (Nov. 10-Nov. 28) as I and my new book, The Loyalist’s Luck, tour some exciting and informative blogs. Reviews, interviews, guest blog posts, and even a spotlight await. If you like historical fiction you’ll want to check these out. Oh, and you’ll get a chance to win […]

3 Reasons I Can’t Seem To Write Today

Did you ever have a day when the topics just wouldn’t come? Ever wonder why? Today is such a day for me so this post will be short. Here are three things that are keeping me from writing a brilliant blog post.

Fruitful Hours of Blog Trolling

Do you have trouble checking out all the links, email post announcements and Twitter suggestions which you get in a day or a week? I certainly do. And just now, I’m having more trouble than usual what with all the posts I’m creating for my book launch, the reading of proofs for The Loyalist’s Wife, […]

5 Sites or Posts I’ve Found to Help Authors

I don’t know about you but I’m always having to figure out how to do something else on my writing journey. It might be formatting my draft mss to the specifications needed by publishers. Or finding just how to make that movie thingee that gets people interested in buying my book. Just now my questions are more about publishing and marketing as I stumble along that overgrown path.