Five Surprises I Found as I Neared the Finish Line with The Loyalist’s Wife

Today I take you to a guest post I did for the amazing and lovely Marta Merajver, author of books in both English and Spanish. Marta’s blog always makes me think as does her writing. She is no slouch when it comes to working out complex ideas and talking about how we fit into this world. Add to that Marta’s winning personality–she is absolutely the kindest person I think I know–and you have someone to follow and emulate.

Guest Post:  On her blog, Marta allowed me to post Five Surprises I Found As I Neared the Finish Line with The Loyalist’s Wife a few weeks ago. I hope you will click the link for my post and to meet Marta. Feel free to comment here or there, whichever is more convenient for you. Marta is concerned that you might not find my post and has given me this link as well which takes you to the blogroll on her site. Then click on Older Posts at the bottom of the current post. The easiest way is to click on the post title at the beginning of this paragraph.

To contact Marta:  Marta’s official website is
Facebook (professional)
Twitter (she only tweets about books and writers)

Brinda Berry surprised me on Sunday afternoon with her new techie know-how–we like to compare notes whenever we find something new. Here is what she learned to do. She took my straight-on front cover of The Loyalist’s Wife (coming in June) and turned it into this nifty angled view. Thanks, Brinda!

The LoyalistsWife_3D_510x602

Download your free copy of 10 Ways to Improve Your Writing from the link in the side column!

Coming Soon!

The Loyalist’s Wife by Elaine Cougler


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